niceshops GmbH
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VAT Reg. No.: ATU63964918
Commercial register: FN302888z
Managing Director Roland Fink, Mag. Christoph Schreiner, Barbara Unterkofler

Business purpose: Trade in goods of all kinds; acquisition, leasing, and participation in companies with the same or similar business purpose, as well as their management.

Tel.: (+43) 720 303050 5099

Landesgericht fuer ZRS Graz
Trade regulations: Trade law (
Voluntary rules of conduct:

Account information for Austria:
Account holder:niceshops GmbH
IBAN:AT85 3800 0001 0082 0035
Bank Name:Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark AG
Bank Address:Raiffeisen-Platz 1, 8074 Raaba-Grambach

Bezirkshauptmannschaft Südoststeiermark
Member of the trade division, the Chamber of Commerce of Styria.
Authority according to ECG: District Administration Feldbach. is an information and shopping platform. is a member of the niceshops group.

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Details about the niceshops GmbH Unique Identification Number (UIN) in France:

  • Packaging: FR223591_01OTUG
  • Batteries and accumulators: FR041746_06M6YT
  • Electrical and electronic equipment: FR041737_05JK8X