Hooray, Spring Is On Its Way!

Hooray, Spring Is On Its Way!

For many years, children's everyday life has been shifting more and more from outdoors to indoors. The increased consumption of new media is often associated with this, but is only one of many reasons. Even we grown-ups are often bad role models when we - understandably - prefer to relax in the living room after a hard day's work than climb into a breezy treetop. But spring is fast approaching and it invites us all to experience outdoor adventures again. To get you in the mood, we want to talk about outdoor play with suggestions for great activities for young and old.

Back to the roots

When mankind roamed the countryside as hunters and gatherers, natural history was essential for survival. Today, we collect likes on Instagram and chase the latest trends. Tracking, bird language and botany are areas of knowledge that are being pushed further and further into the background. A little more closeness to nature in all of our lives would be desirable. In addition, movements such as “Fridays for Future” show that nature and environmental protection are important concerns for many young people. So let's set out to revitalise our ailing relationship with nature.

Can you feel it?

You can learn a lot about the world in books. Videos even offer moving pictures and lifelike sounds. However, anyone who has ever dug their hands in a forest floor or let a beetle crawl over their fingers will be able to confirm that there are whole worlds out there. It's less the knowledge and more the sensory experiences that make a strong connection with nature possible. These intense experiences leave formative traces in our memory and create fertile ground for essential values such as sustainability and nature conservation, which will benefit our current and all future generations.

Hand in hand

Some children are enthusiastic about exploring the countryside on their own. Others would rather be taken by the proverbial hand and are happy to be given inspiration that spurs them on to the next adventure. As is so often the case as an adult: Set an example, participate and integrate! Spark an interest in nature with memories from your childhood or short nature-related stories. Unusual objects from the wild can also provide a first impetus for investigating and experiencing. If you then roam through forest and meadow, regularly make yourself aware of individual senses. Smell, hear, look, touch - absorb everything, but take your time! If you keep exchanging ideas about the experiences you have just made, this stimulates new ideas and what children have experienced becomes more firmly anchored in their memories.

Exciting outdoor activities

A treasure list
Together, create a list of objects that can be found in your area. For example, a feather, a stone, a plant or something round/edible/blue. Then all players have to work through their list as quickly as possible and bring the treasures home. The souvenirs can be displayed or used for handicrafts.

A bird concert
Concentrate on the birdsong and try to hear individual voices. Can you spot the singer you're looking for? A book on bird species provides additional information.

Tree buddy
Works best in teams of 2. Blindfold player A. Player B leads him to a tree. Player A may touch, smell - everything but see. Then he is brought back to the start by B and the blindfold is removed. Can A find his tree buddy? Then the roles are swapped.

On the hot track
Who, what, when, how, why and where? An animal track leaves many questions. Can you find the answers to these? Maybe it helps if you move on all fours like the animal you're looking for?

Helpful garden gnomes
If you have green fingers and enjoy working in the garden, pass on some of your experiences. Children will enthusiastically lend a hand. Find ideas and child-friendly tools for the garden here.

Fun with pine cones
The forest is full of them! Who will throw them the furthest? Or are you more the on-target type? The cones can also be used for juggling.

Spring picnic
Combine the next hike or bike tour with a small snack in the countryside. Then lie down in the meadow and let your soul sour.

Plant memory
Some preparation is required here. Collect some plants on your usual walk. Children can look at everything very closely, touch it or sniff it. If they wish, they could use a guidebook. Then the collected plants can be rediscovered while walking the route again.

Insect tracking
Like clever detectives, set off in pursuit of little bugs. They can be observed very closely with a magnifying glass.

The weather isn't cooperating - We're having fun inside

Creative romp
Paint flower pots in bright colours using common watercolours. But don't forget to protect the whole thing from the rain with a clear coat afterwards! Discover many more great projects for painting and handicrafts here.

First the cultivation, then the enjoyment
Planting herbs and watching them grow is fascinating. Older children can be given sole responsibility for a plant, learning how to take care of their green friends. A delicious sandwich with fresh cress beckons as a reward.

A table for all seasons
Reserve a little corner in your home for extraordinary natural treasures. When the weather is bad, admire them in peace and explore their origins.

The rabbit is on his way
Easter is not far away, so why not start painting eggs. Perhaps also use this opportunity to make other Easter decorations?

Bird concert part 2
Be like little birds and sing happy spring songs. Such singing power and a good mood will undoubtedly bring the sun back again.

A stamp room
A real classic. Paint leaves or sliced fruits and use them as stamps. Then create works of art.

A new home
How about an insect hotel? After assembly, hang it in the garden or on the balcony. The first guests will move in as early as March and from then on can be seen flying and crawling.

Whistle on it
Has it been raining for hours and are you getting cabin fever? There's only one thing that helps: Wrap up, run outside, dance in the rain, jump in all the puddles and hold your face up in the sky.

So, that's it :) The playPolis team sends you spring greetings, hopes you have fun trying out these fun ideas and wishes for lots of sunshine. See you soon!