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Since the 1970s, Playmobil has been producing lovingly designed miniature worlds in which children have imaginative adventures. Even the littlest children can immerse themselves in their first role-playing games with PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 and think up exciting stories with the cute vehicles, playhouses and figures. PLAYMOBIL City Life sets encourage children from the age of 4 to re-enact well-known scenes from everyday life - they can slip into a wide variety of roles and run their own daycare centre, restaurant or even furnish a house according to their taste. With the realistic construction site vehicles, as well as fire and police cars from PLAYMOBIL City Action, fascinating stories from everyday life can be re-enacted in great detail.

However, if you prefer to immerse yourself in fantastic worlds, PLAYMOBIL Magic is for you. Dreamlike mermaids, sparkling gemstones and colourful backdrops inspire unique scenes on the ocean floor. Little knights will love PLAYMOBIL Novelmore, thinking up action-packed battles around the conquest of a castle.

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