Keep Cool During the Hot Summer

Keep Cool During the Hot Summer

When the sun is out in the summer, our homes can quickly turn into ovens! If you're looking for a few ideas on how to keep cool during the hot summer, you've come to the right place! Here are a few refreshing ideas to help get you through the hottest season.

Have a pool party
A few of you lucky ducks may have your own backyard pools, but even a paddling pool makes a big difference when it comes to cooling off. Don't have a paddling pool? Fill a laundry basket with water for your little ones and let them enjoy a splash in lukewarm water. Make sure to place your pool in a shady location so you can cool off without getting a sunburn!

Refreshing fun
Combine cooling off with a bit of exercise! Sprinklers and slip-and-slides only need to be connected to a garden hose before the games can begin! If you're looking for an action-packed activity, get out your favourite super soakers and have a water battle with your friends!

Wet your wash cloths!
A cold foot bath works wonders when it's hot out! Cooling your feet helps cool the entire body and helps get your circulation going. Placing a wet wash cloth on your face or lower arms also helps you cool off quickly, plus little ones love sucking on a wet cloth.

Take a siesta
In the warmer countries of the world, it's common to take a break during the hot midday. Take this as an example and try to change your daily rhythm. Save sweaty work and important projects for the early morning, when temperatures are still bearable. At noon, rest and conquer smaller tasks.

Stay hydrated
When we sweat during the summer, we lose valuable liquids. Children should drink at least 2 litres of water a day. Try adding peppermint or fruit slices to water or serve diluted fruit juices, and homemade iced tea. Just remember that black and green teas contain caffeine, which can be unhealthy for children.

Keep your strength up!
A balanced breakfast is particularly important on hot days. Dairy products provide the body with energy, while peppers, tomatoes, melons, pineapples and other fruits and vegetables with a high water content have a refreshing effect on the body. Light fare is recommended for lunch, as soups and mixed salads fill you up without exhausting your body. Tip: Simply mix the yoghurt and frozen fruit together in a blender to make your own tasty frozen yoghurt!

Dress for the heat
The perfect summer outfit is loose fitting and made of cotton or linen. These air-permeable fabrics are comfortable to wear and protect you from harmful UV radiation. Lighter colours that absorb less sunlight and don't heat up as much are also recommended. Protective headgear is a good idea for people of all ages.

Hot nights
Store away your duvets and switch to breathable linen sheets in the summer. A good trick for cooler nights is to fill a hot water bottle with cold water and put it between your legs as you fall asleep.

Block out the light
Close your curtains and blinds once the sun starts to come up to keep the heat out. Open the windows in the evening to let out cool air, and keep an eye out for hidden sources of heat like dryers, hobs, televisions, computers and other devices. It's better to switch off your devices completely than to leave them in standby mode.

The playPolis team wishes you a nice summer! Enjoy the sun, treat yourself to a great holiday and leave your worries behind!