Summer Holidays

Summer Holidays

Summer holidays are just around the corner, and for some of us, that means a bit of stress. Some of us probably start sweating at the thought of tired children, endless traffic jams, and the realisation that you forgot something important at home. Don't worry! Here's a few tips for ensuring a successful getaway.

Plan your holiday together
Plan your holiday with your kids. Ask specifically about their interests and include them in your plans. If you look at pictures and information about sightseeing in advance, your kids will know what to expect, and will be able to appreciate the sights more if they already recognise them from pictures.

Sure, we all need a cosy bed to sleep in, but how important is the proximity to the beach, bus stops, attractions and the nearest restaurant? Is there a disco next door that will keep you awake all night? Is there a pool for a quick cool down? Can you borrow buggies/bicycles/prams? If you investigate early, you'll not be disappointed later.

Safety first
Don't panic, but it's important to be prepared in case of an emergency. Inquire about medical care at the resort. Do you have health insurance that also covers costs incurred abroad? For exotic travel destinations, speak to your family doctor and paediatrician in advance about what you may need to prepare for.

Your pack list
Pack your bags in advance, so you're not stressed last minute. Less is often more, especially on summer holidays. Here are a few things you should definitely take with you:

  • Cash - in case you can't use cards
  • A smartphone - for navigation, ticket booking, online banking, entertainment, and photos
  • The matching charger + adapter to stay powered up
  • Passport - make sure it hasn't expired!
  • Sun cream + sun hat + after-sun lotion - your skin will thank you
  • Provisions for the journey - a tasty snack and drinks
  • Toys/compact games - for bad weather and cosy evenings
  • A small first-aid kit - preferably in your hand luggage

Plan for plenty of time
Plan enough buffer time to ensure that everything goes smoothly on your travel day. If you are travelling by car, it is worth leaving as early as possible. This saves you the traffic jam and your kiddos might be able to sleep through part of the ride. Or, leave the car at home and take the train - it's environmentally friendly and is fun for your little ones.

Get the lay of the lad
Check out your new accommodations! How do you get to the pool? Where are toilets? When is breakfast? Establish a meeting place in case someone gets lost.

Go easy on the activities
Don't plan too many activities in one day. Children need enough free time to play and relax. Take your time to settle in and occasionally plan a full day of lazing around.

Go with the flow
Your plans of going to the zoo, seeing a few attractions and visiting a few historical sights may be perfectly planned, but your kids aren't interested? See if you can compromise and change your museum plans to a different day, or just save that event for a future trip.

An all-inclusive holiday promises total relaxation when you don't have to worry about a thing. Nevertheless, pull yourself together and leave the facility to go exploring - there are sure to be all sorts of things to discover! Many travel companies also offer exciting day trips directly from the hotel.

Make memories
Try keeping a travel diary packed with photos, small souvenirs and a few personal words. When you look back on your holiday in the future, it will help you remember your favourite events.

You have a plan, you're organised, the weather is looking good! One last piece of advice: when you're not stressed, your kids won't be stressed. Stay calm and have a wonderful trip! We wish you all the best on your summer adventures and hope you come back rested and refreshed.