KOSMOS Die drei ??? - Drachenblut

Who will find the mysterious dragon?

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In this captivating double volume, the three ??? are challenged like never before. Is there really a dragon up to mischief in Rocky Beach? Or is there someone else behind it?

The Dragon's Eye
Jupiter, Pete and Bob can't believe their own eyes: A strange creature is hovering high in the sky above them. Could this actually be a real dragon? Add to that the testimony of a little girl who claims to have been attacked by a scary dragon. However, these only exist in legends and fairy tales - don't they?

In the dragon's web
The three ??? are summoned to Dragoncourt, the luxury mansion of mad game programmer Stephen Baron. Strange things happen there that no one can explain. During their investigations, the three detectives come across the PC game "In the Land of Dragons", which could not be more fantastic. Suddenly the boundaries between the virtual and the real world seem to blur and the three boys no longer know what is real here and what is not...

Game in German

Publication date 01/17/2019
ISBN 9783440160015
Page count 288
Themed World: Detectives
For: Primary school students, Teenagers
Age from: 10 years
Stars & Licensed Toys: Die drei ???
Sprache Lied: German
Cover: Hardcover
Kosmos Themed Worlds: Books

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