Exciting Adventures All Summer Long

Exciting Adventures All Summer Long

The hottest toy trends of summer 2023

Welcome to the exciting world of toys & games for this summer! The sun is shining, the summer school break is just around the corner and it's time to get the latest popular toys for unlimited outdoor fun. Whether your kids are at the beach, in the garden or in the park, we've compiled the hottest toy trends for summer 2023 here. Come on, let's take a look!

Water Toys
Summer is unthinkable without hours spent in the water! From inflatable paddling pools to XXL-sized water blasters, get the coolest water toys to enjoy the hottest summer days. Indulge in splash-filled adventures and wild water battles with your friends.

Outdoor Sports
Trampolines, soccer goals, basketball hoops and sports nets are perfect for those who enjoy active outdoor sports in the summer. And who knows, you might even discover a passion for a new sport.

Creative Garden Toys
The warm summer months are perfect for children to express their creativity in the outdoors. Intricate sandcastles can be built with moulds, rakes and shovels while chalk can be used to create colourful works of art on driveways and sidewalks. Perhaps even a spot of gardening for budding gardeners?

Interactive Board Games
Board games and card games are a great way to spend long summer evenings. From exciting games of skill to fast-paced card games and board games that demand cooperation and tactics, there are countless ways to spend unforgettable hours in the company of family and friends.

Research & Experiments
How do earthworms burrow through the soil? What birds live in the garden? How can you start a campfire without a match? The summer holidays are perfect for carrying out exciting experiments and observing nature up close.

Embark on new adventures every day this summer and make it an unforgettable experience!