Happy Birthday Bobby Car

Happy Birthday Bobby Car

It's hard to believe, but it's true: The Bobby Car has been making push car fans big and small cheer for 50 years. This four-wheeled pedal-less vehicle changed the history of toy world and continues to produce new designs and accessories to this day. In order to celebrate the red racer properly, we've collected a range of interesting facts.

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The name
After searching for a short but concise name that could be used internationally, they decided on Bobby Car. Since then, the word has become a generic term for all push-cars.

A lame-duck?
On February 2, 1972, the Bobby Car was presented to the public for the first time at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. Success did not at first materialise, but quality soon prevailed. Thanks to its ergonomic functions, the Ferrari became a huge hit among children's ride-on vehicles. It helped that Bobby Cars encourage good posture, support the development of children's joints and can even be used as a therapy for hip dislocations.

Red is faster
Bobby Cars are available in many colours and designs. Well-known artists have also designed special models. However, the original was, is and will remain red. The brilliant white steering wheel with a squeaky horn is also integral. Timeless tyres with narrow stripes and sporty red rims round off this classic look.

How it's done
The body of a new Bobby Car is made from coloured polyethylene granulate. The heated plastic is shaped by so-called blow moulding. The steering wheel, axles and wheels are then added. Leftovers and rejects are recycled directly on site and made into new wheels. In their state-of-the-art toy factory in Burghaslach, Germany, around 2,000 ride-on vehicles roll off the assembly line every day.

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Excellent automobiles
Bobby Cars have received many highly coveted awards. Here is a small selection: The "spiel gut" seal identifies exceptionally good and pedagogically valuable children's toys. Safety is guaranteed by the GS mark from TÜV Rheinland AG. A "very good" at the ÖKO-TEST confirms the highest level of environmental compatibility and no health risks. The MOMMY Award is given directly by consumers themselves to products that are particularly family-friendly.

Racing fever
There is even a European Bobby Car Racing Championship organised by dedicated clubs and fans. Adult drivers rattle downhill at an unbelievable speed of 80 to 100 km/h. In order to brake, their shoes are reinforced with a special sole made from car tyres. Luckily children from the age of 3 don't go quite so fast.

On stage
In 2010, the world's most environmentally friendly car was even given a musical tribute. In the children's musical "BIG-Bobby-Car", a Bobby-Car family is eagerly awaiting their newest addition. Lively songs with funny lyrics encourage children to sing and dance.

Hero of the game

The legendary ride-on car is also a sensation in the realm of video games. "BIG-Bobby-Car - The Great Race" by Wild River Games is an open game world with a wide variety of tasks. Kids can prove themselves in daring races against other Bobby Car models.

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The playPolis team wishes the Bobby Car a happy birthday again! Here's to another 50 years of fun! And we wish you an accident-free trip with lots of sunshine!

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