Interactive Board Games from Rudy Games

Innovative board games with apps - perfect for social games with friends and family

We change the way you play!

Rudy Games combines board games with apps: A brilliant concept to bring friends and family together!

Award-winning and innovative hybrid games for cosy game afternoons with the family or epic game evenings with friends. From fast card games to complex strategy games, there is something for every taste.

Rudy Games: 5 products


  • Rudy Games Scubi Sea Story
    • Fascinating game variants
    • Quick start thanks to the app
    • Adorable design
  • Rudy Games Quiz It
    • Skillfully bluff & make tactical decisions
    • With over 3,000 questions
    • Always surprising
  • Rudy Games Interaction
    • Perfect for large groups
    • Promotes talents
    • Exciting tasks
  • Rudy Games PARTYTIME Categories
    • With 24 categories
    • Fun again and again
    • No prep time
  • Rudy Games EASTER BUNNY Categories
    • Easter categories
    • With 50 pages
    • Optionally playable with app

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