Badala stickers

Colourful upcycling

With these unique stickers from Badala, there are no limits to creativity: It's child's play to create imaginative worlds from old boxes.

Badala: 5 products


  • Badala Race Car Sticker Set
    • Race Car sticker set
    • Make more out of old boxes
    • Pedagogically valuable & sustainable
  • Badala Pirate Ship Sticker Set
    • Pirate Ship sticker set
    • Make more out of old boxes
    • Give sensibly, play sensibly
  • Badala Rocket Sticker Set
    • Rocket sticker set
    • Toys from old boxes
    • Valuable & sensible
  • Badala Kitchen Sticker Set
    • Kitchen sticker set
    • Old boxes become toys
    • Sustainable & pedagogically valuable
  • Badala Cats Sticker Set
    • Cats sticker set
    • Old boxes: New cat house
    • Sustainable & playful

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