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Djeco, a French family-owned company, develops lovingly designed children's toys that are guaranteed to never leave them bored. Artistic illustrations and bright colours arouse little ones' curiosity. Everything is can be examined, felt and experimented with.

Djeco attaches great importance to child-friendly design and accessibility. For example, every element of a motor skills toy must be easy for little hands to grip. In order to avoid frustration for parents and children, Djeco ensures that the instructions for their games are easy to understand and are written in several languages.

Their creative puzzles with fantastic images are a special highlight. Interesting information booklets, funny search bars and parts following the silhouette enhance the gaming experience.

Djeco focuses on the use of sustainable materials. Toys made of wood and cardboard are manufactured to a high quality in order to guarantee a long service life. In this way, children can enjoy their toys for many years.

Whether designer, illustrator, graphic artist, artist or inventor - Djeco's team always have their heads in the clouds and are on the lookout for innovative ideas.